Become a Pro Photographer and discover how to create content that stands out

Join a tight-knit of aspiring photographers learning to create emotion-evoking images that wow your audience. This is the perfect and only in-depth and advanced landscape, adventure, and lifestyle photography course you'll ever need to become a true professional.
Kyle & Andrew, Co-Founders of Photography For Creators

 16 years combined experience

 100s of five stars reviews 

 1.5M+ social media followers


Our best kept photography secrets not even our clients know of

AndrewOptics and Kyle Meshna, leading photography educators with thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of followers, have teamed up to deliver a truly one of a kind, next generation learning experience for photographers of all skill levels. 

The platform, Photography for Creators, includes 20+ hours of training, 75 lessons both in the field and the editing room, a private community for critiques, Q&As, and much more.

The difference between "ok" and amazing photos is in the details

A great photo starts way before you hit that 'click' button to capture your shot, see the difference below before implementing our strategies and after

The one-stop-shop course for aspiring photographers

This is the last course you'll ever need, because we left no stone unturned


The What

The first step to mastering photography is knowing what gear, settings, scenery etc you need. Only when you know the "what", do we move forward to the "why" and "how."

The Why

 The most important thing is to address the "why." This will help answer why you're making your composition and editing decisions in order to create great work.

The How

As you can see, from our experience, the "how" or the "tech" side of things, is just a 1/3rd of the game. In order for you to get world class photos, you need all of them.

Level up your personal brand and land bigger deals

After growing our personal Instagram pages to 292,000 and 216,000 (and counting) followers, we're now sharing exactly how we did it, so you can too.

We're not saying it's going to be easy or happening overnight, but you'll learn the exact process we've used to grow our pages, including brand pages, to a total of over 1.5M social media followers over just the last couple of years.

Here's everything you get instant access to 

Our blueprint to success is easy to follow and implement, while giving you the support you need in the process

The Fundamentals

  • Establishing A Baseline Mindset and Framework to Build Upon 
  • ​Understanding Camera Settings
  • ​Mastering the Exposure Triangle
  • ​Understanding Weather and How To Track It To Ensure You Shoot During The Best Conditions 
  • ​Understanding Gear Choice And Why Certain Lenses Are Better For Certain Situations
  • ​How Light Effects a Scene
  • ​Begin to Look At Life As If You Are Looking Through a Viewfinder

Controlling Composition

  • How To Accurately Analyze A Scene
  • ​A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How To Set Up Your Shot The Right Way (We'll Literally Show You Exactly What To Select For Every Single Setting)
  • ​How to Uncover Unique Compositions In Even The Most Commonly Photographed Areas
  • ​How to Utilize Your Gear and Settings To Maximize Creativity
  • ​An Over-The-Shoulder Look At How We Approach and Set Up A Scene
  • ​How To Quickly Dial In Camera Settings With Ease To Best Tell The Story You're Looking To Tell 
  • ​How To Shoot Lifestyle Photos For Brands and Working With A Model

Technical Tactician

  • Create Organized Lightroom Catalogs With Intentional File Management Practices
  • ​Mastering The Tone Curve And How To Use It In Your Images 
  • ​How To Create Multi-Photo Composites In Photoshop
  • ​Exactly How To Color Grade Your Images With Purpose 
  • ​How To Selectively Sharpen 
  • ​How To Utilize Layers, Layer Masks, and Much More In Photoshop 
  • ​An Easy Method To Luminosity Masking
  • ​Utlilizing Lumenzia 
  • ​Selective Masks
  • ​The Best and EASIEST Way To Remove Unwanted Objects From Images
  • ​How To Stretch Images To Fit Instagram's 4x5 Crop
  • ​And Much More!

Editing Wizard

  • How To Use Your Editing Skills to Tell Stories With Your Images
  • ​Every Edit You Create Is Purposeful And Enhances The Image
  • ​No More Randomly Fiddling With The Sliders. Know Exactly How Each Program Works And How To Use Them Purposefully and Effectively 
  • ​Utilizing Color Theory to Evoke Emotion and Change the Atmosphere Of Images 
  • ​Control How Your Viewer Feels When Looking At Your Photography 
  • ​Use Lightroom's and Photoshop's Tools To Make Confident, Purpose-Driven Decisions When Editing 
  • ​Control Where Your Viewer Looks When Viewing Your Photography Through Editing Techniques
  • ​How To Use The Tools To Shape Light and Create Depth 
  • ​Our Secret Trick To Create Attention-Grabbing Pictures
  • ​The Difference Between Guessing Your Way Through An Edit, and Knowing Exactly How To Enhance It 

The Whole Shebang

  • A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Create Photography To Inspire
  • ​Full Start to Finish Tutorials Showing Our ENTIRE Process
  • ​How To Shoot With The Edit In Mind And Understand How These Two Aspects of Photography Work In Tandem With One Another To Tell A Story
  • ​From Start To Finish, Prepare For and Execute Upon Your Vision Regardless Of The Situation
  • ​How To Develop A Holistic Approach To Photography To Elevate Your Skills To The Next Level 
  • ​Example In The Field Videos With Real Life Examples
  • ​Camera Setting Cheat Sheet for Many Common Photography Scenarios
  • ​And Much, Much More!

Plus FREE Bonuses

  • Private Discord Support Group "The Studio"- We Stay In Constant Communication In A Private Discord Group Exclusively For Students- Get Access To Us Personally On A Daily Basis (We'll Both Be Super Active In The Studio, Answering Questions, Critiquing Photos/Edits, Helping Out and Coaching You, Providing News & Updates, and Discussing Changes in the Creator Economy)
  • ​Monthly Group Q&A Calls- Get Access To Andrew and Kyle During Private Group Calls Where You Can Bring Any Questions You Have And Get Them Answered Together- Photo Critiques and Feedback to Improve Your Work- Instagram Audits For Members During Each Call
  • ​Our Entire Collection of Lightroom Presets- All Of Our Lightroom Presets (Including Unreleased Presets Only Available To Those In This Course)
  • ​​Time Saving Photoshop Actions and Brushes
  • ​Supercharging Your Social Media Mini Course
  • ​Taking Great Photos With Your Smartphone Mini Course
  • ​Exclusive Product Discounts and much more!

Photography for Creators

Delivering a truly one of a kind, next generation learning experience for photographers of all skill levels to help you become a true creative pro.

Here's what you get:

  • 24/7 access to 20+ hours of training

  • ​75 lessons both in the field and the editing room

  • ​Private community for critiques, Q&As, and more

  • ​Access to all files used throughout the each lesson

  • ​Unreleased Lightroom presets, actions and tone curves

  • ​Over $2963 of exclusive bonuses

  • ​And much more more!

Lifetime Access: Just  $349

or just 6 payments of $67/month
"This is the only course you’ll ever need if you’re looking to take your photography to the next level. From the basics of your Photoshop and Lightroom, to advanced techniques and everything in between, Kyle and Andrew explain everything to you in a way that is easy to understand. It’s absolutely mind blowing how much information is packed into each lesson. It has helped me incredibly and now I am much more confident in my editing process and abilities." Carmen Dickinson

Who we're perfect for and can help best

We cover everything from basics to advanced ninja hacks so there's something for everyone

 Aspiring Photographers

 Aspiring Creators

 Advanced Creators

 Social Media Influencers

 Online Entrepreneurs

 Agencies & Freelancers

Previous course students before and after

See what other students have been able to learn in the course

Meet your course instructors (and new friends)

We're super excited to take our 14 years of experience and show you everything we've learned

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille is an award-winning, Los Angeles based photographer and content creator best known for his urban, landscape and lifestyle photography. His striking style has led me to working with industry leading brands, and forming long term ambassadorships. He also has a passion for teaching, and has taught hundreds of photographers in both private/small group and large workshops throughout the years.

Kyle Meshna

Kyle Meshna is a photographer and videographer based in San Francisco, California known for his landscape and adventure photography and educational videos.

Kyle specializes in short-form educational content and has taught thousands of students how to improve their photography through short videos, illustrations, and in depth tutorials. He has also worked with brands such as Xbox, MVMT, Onewheel, PolarPro, Juiced Bikes, and many more.

"Best on the market"

"Awesome course - probably one of the most comprehensive photography programs out there! Appreciate access to the creators and the community around the program."

- J.R.

"Everything I wanted"

"This course has been everything I wanted and more. There's so much information packed in, and laid out extremely well. I'd highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their photography!" - Luke Ward

"Worth every penny"

"The course Kyle and Andrew are running is worth every penny. The tutorials and modules are packed with info and they are readily available for help and support and constructive criticism." - Wolf Mercury

Got questions?

We've got answers

Our mission at Photography for Creators is to help grow your photography skillset, create unique and emotion-evoking images, build and inspire a genuine and loyal audience. Move past just learning what the tools do, but rather how to utilize them to create what you envision, regardless of the situation.

To help you create photography that inspires.

+ When does the course start?

You can start today and learn at your own pace. It's an online on-demand course so you can watch it anytime from any device.

+ How do I know if this is for me?

If you have a passion for photography, you're in the right place.

+ What if I have zero experience with cameras and photography?

Photography for Creators is a one of a kind, next generation learning experience for photographers of all skill levels (even those with zero experience!) Andrew and Kyle bring thousands of hours of field and editing experience to the course, and are boiling down their collective 14 years of knowledge into easily digestible lessons to help new students become photo masters.

+ Do I need to buy an expensive camera?

You definitely don't need to buy an expensive camera. In fact, we advise against it. We focus on making the most of the gear that we have available to us. Once you are ready to upgrade, we've also got a lesson to help you through that process.

+ Is there any guarantee included with the course?

What we guarantee is that this here is the best information we've ever put out there. Period. We're sharing every last secret with you and showing you step-by-step how to create photos that you're hyped on without leaving out any information. We honestly believe that this is the best information you'll find anywhere about mastering landscape, lifestyle, and adventure photography. It is 100% up to date, fresh and extremely in-depth. It's not a bunch of abstract theory, and its not just a bunch of disjointed copy-and-paste tutorials…...but rather a field guide that shows you the why and the step-by-step how to mastering photography. We believe if any program is going to help you achieve your photography goals... it's this one here.

+ What if I get stuck and need support?

Not only are we available to answer questions via email or within the course itself, we also have an incredible private community to provide feedback, support, and networking.

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